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Symbol AP4131
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Intermec IF5
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WirelessBuilders, a national wireless consulting firm, specializes in WiFi installation and RFID systems. If you have a warehouse, office, hospital, school, airport, factory, military base, or retail property, and need a wireless contractor, WirelessBuilders is a $20 million per year company serving clients throughout the United States, including Fortune 500 companies, small and medium businesses, and government agencies.

Wireless consulting services include:

New WiFi and RFID Installations

A WiFi site survey saves time and money by eliminating trial and error. By measuring the radio wave propagation in your facility, WirelessBuilders can determine the optimum locations to place access points, saving time and hardware required, while ensuring consistent performance.

An RFID site survey identifies sources of radio interference, and determines the optimal locations and procedures prior to your RFID installation.

Existing WiFi and RFID Installations

A wireless performance and security audit will quickly pinpoint and fix problems with your hardware, firmware, and software, ensuring optimal performance. WirelessBuilders also provides training and documentation so your IT staff can properly maintain your wireless network.

For WiFi and RFID installations contact WirelessBuilders.

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